Local Fisherman Ryan Van Dyk

Don’t tell me they’re not out there –

Look at these beauties!!


Fishing on the Gold Coast sure has plenty to offer & Local Fisherman Ryan Van Dyk sure has a knack for bringing in some gorgeous looking fish.

Fishing by both bank and canoe he has some pretty impressive specimens here.

Plastic lures are his preferred choice and by the looks of it, not a bad option to take. He says ‘I try to match the tides with the sunrise and chase the jacks before the daylight hits’.

Ryan likes to fish near good structures like rock walls, drop offs and downed trees and finds that a rocky bottom is generally a good place to find fish.

Look for current, structure and the presence of food like prawns, crabs & small baitfish, then try to match the bait size.

Obviously works for him so go on Gold Coasters, Get out there!


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